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What ferry incident I hear some of you say?  This ferry incident.
At least 2 dead, 293 missing after S. Korea ferry full of students sinks
459 on board; 2 dead 164 rescued 293 missing
Please be sensitive as this does mean that South Korean entertainment items will be delayed out of respect and caution. And yes, this does include EXO’s overdose. Please be calm and remember that human life is more important than an on-time music video. http://

Kuroshitsuji new series pv


Zodiac Libra facts.

COMING SOON [speakers blow out] TO OWN ON DVD [children scramble for the remote] AND VIDEO CASSETTE [atomic bomb explodes in living room]
[★] B.A.P 'Live on Earth Seoul 2014' Concert Performance List


  • VCR - “Earth Needs Justice”
  • One Shot
  • Badman
  • Power
  • VCR - “Earth Needs Love”
  • Lovesick
  • Coffee Shop
  • Shady Lady
  • VCR - “Earth Needs Passion”
  • Punch (Rock version)
  • What the Hell (Rock version)
  • No Mercy + Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (Band version)
  • BangX2
  • VCR - “Earth Needs Emotion”
  • It’s All…
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